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Air-conditioning can enhance your personal and working environment to a comfortable level. Three areas for customer comfort are:

Whatever the situation controlling the environment brings better productivity and the ability of employees to make better decisions.

Not just cooling but heating too

Air-conditioning has long been thought of as providing cool air only, but recent advances in the industry have now produced a full environmental controlling system that can heat as well as cool.

Air-conditioning is becoming more widespread as people request cleaner and more comfortable working conditions. We can provide advice and suggestions on the best course of action for your particular needs. Our engineers are fully conversant with most air-conditioning products.

We can also supply and fit air cleansing and deodorising filters. These system trap and neutralise mould, dust, pollen and other particles. The air purifying filters use naturally occurring static electricity to create an inescapable magnetic attraction between dust, mould, ticks and mites and the superfine mesh filter in which they have become ensnared. The carbon enhanced filter (nature's sponge) also helps eliminate many unpleasant odours including cigarette smoke.

Refrigeration Equipment

We can supply a full range of refrigeration equipment, from cold rooms to small refrigerated cabinets. These include Glass Door Refrigerators and Freezers, with a choice of temperature range, with fan-assisted evaporator and fully automatic defrost.

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